General Questions
How much of a sample do I need to take?
What is the cost for testing/analysis?
How do I get the samples to your lab?
How and when do I pay for the testing?
Where can I get a copy of your COC?
Can you take the samples for me?
Where is your lab located?
Can you give me directions to your lab?
Can you provide sampling materials?
How fast can I get my results and when can I get my results?
Are you open on the weekends?
Can I drop-off samples after hours, at night, or early in the morning?
Do you accept credit card payments?
How do I set up an account?
Can you email results?


Microvac / Wipe
Ambient Air
Crystalline Silica
What is crystalline silica?
What are the exposure limits for the new silica rule?
Do you provide sample analysis?
What are the compliance dates for the new rule?
Where can I get more information?
Hexavalent Chromium
What is hexavalent chromium?
What are the exposure limits for hexavalent chromium?
Do you provide sample analysis?
Where can I get more information?
Lead and Metals
How do metal particles get into the air?
How do I get rid of lead paint in my home?
How does lead get into drinking water?
Do I need to test my tap water for lead?
Can I sample my own drinking water for lead?
Can you test my blood for lead?
How will my sample be tested for metals?
How much sample material is required?
How do I bring in my samples?
Can you tell me if molds are dangerous?
Can I clean the mold myself, who do I contact if I need help?
What websites tell me how to handle a mold problem?
How do I sample mold?
How long does it take to get samples results?
What kinds of bacterial analysis do you perform?
How do I sample for bacteria?
How long does it take to get results?

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